imajbox® is a compact, standalone and ready-to-use mobile mapping system (MMS) designed to perform high speed data collection for transportation infrastructures management.

Thanks to a high-level integration, innovative positioning algorithms and image processing technologies, imajbox® has been sized to give flexibility and ease-of-use to its users, and can be installed on any transportation means (car, truck, quad, bike, motorbike, train or boat).

4 versions of imajbox are available

imajbox C

imajing IMU DX2
Patch antenna

imajbox L

imajing IMU DX2
Patch antenna

imajbox S

imajing IMU DX2
High-end plate antenna

imajbox T

Road, rail, canal
imajing IMU DX3
High-end plate antenna

General specifications

Aluminum housing
Protected optics
121x106x85 mm
4:30 battery
For outdoor or indoor mounting

For more information please read imajbox technical specifications

1 Simple

  • Data storage on USB media
  • Single button to launch a survey
  • Automatic images exposure adjustements
  • No wiring

2 Autonomous

  • Requires neither computer nor internet connection
  • Powered by battery or cigarette lighter
  • Automatically manages various sensors acquisition (gyros, accelerometers, GNSS, barometer, images) to calculate an accurate positioning and orientation solution in any mounting condition, orientation and speed survey

3 Productive

  • Can be mounted on car, train or boat
  • Enables automatic and continuous acquisition to survey from a few hundreds to several thousands kilometers

4 Accurate

  • Raw data (IMU + GPS/GLO + optical flow) processed by proprietary algorithms based on an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF)
  • Handles GNSS multi-path rejection and mitigation
  • Can use sources of differential corrections (dGNSS) and an external speed sensor (Doppler Radar)
  • Can integrate a RTK or PPP external receiver (GPS/GLONASS L1 L2 or TERRASTAR)

5 Connected

  • Can be launched and controlled in real-time via Wi-Fi from a tablet, smartphone or a computer
  • Can work in a ethernet network with several units connected and centralized on Multiview unit